[S6EP6] How To Build A Career That’s Authentic To You

Want to empower more women?

Have you ever found yourself out of your element, not fitting in and needing to put a facade or mask on in order to ‘operate’ at work?

Do you wish to create a career that is authentic to who you really are?

If you’ve been looking to create meaning, purpose and abundant living from a career that feels good and authentic, then give this episode a listen.

Tune into this episode to find out why having the right intentions will ultimately lead you to the career that is in alignment with your soul path.

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Last week, I had a beautiful and honest conversation with Elyse-Anne, and it was so refreshing.

Sometimes I ask the interviewees certain questions and I get the answers, but in the case of Elyse, what I received was her truth.

When I asked what is her advice for someone who’s looking to become a spiritual business owner, a healer or a lightworker, her answer was:  “Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur or to create his own business.”

Even though it’s a cool thing to do at this moment, not everyone is made to lead that lifestyle.

You need to choose and be grounded enough in what it is that you want in order to have a lifestyle and to design your life in a way which actually fits you, and it might not always be your own business, project or career.

Every single person has her own path, and I was touched when she mentioned that spiritual business or healing work is not for everybody.

Today, I want to dedicate this episode to talk about authenticity━be authentically you, making authentic decisions, and why this is really important.

I had a deep realization before I understood how much hype there actually is when it comes to online businesses.

As Elyse mentioned last week, when we start something new, there can be a tendency for us to copy and imitate what people who have been successful and who have achieved the goal we wish to have done before us.

It’s okay to learn from others or to keep in mind what they have done to succeed.

What I noticed is most of the time we set goals which we think will make us feel the way we want to and lead us to a certain happy place, but it’s not always that way.

I’ve seen people around me who switched their careers, who started online businesses and have reached for a goal that looked like it’s going to give them the fulfillment and happiness, especially when we’re talking about life purpose and finding your way.

I’ve seen them aim for their goals and ultimately burn out, begin to give up on their dreams, realize it’s not going to give them what they want or they’re not made for such a path.

Sometimes people realize these years into the game.

There are people who, at the beginning, start their work and realize it gives them more freedom and flexibility with their schedule. As someone copies or imitates another’s business model, operations, marketing strategy and what it looks like, at some point, it might work.

When it gets bigger and successful, without alignment and connection to yourself and when it’s coming from a place of inauthenticity, what happens is that business is running you.

It’s so successful that it’s as if you can’t turn it off anymore.

People have created this persona that they need to upkeep, this personality, branding and identity which isn’t true to who they are, and to keep giving value in a way which is not joyful to them and not true to their natural flow.

The greater the success we get from this, the more we are out of alignment because that goal was not true to our hearts and the vision of what this would give us is not aligned to our true values.

In the end, we almost have this monster of a machine which forces us to keep up this lifestyle.

At this point, we’ve given so much but we have to take a step back to find ourselves again.

Ultimately, something really draining could lead to burnout all because it’s not your path, and it’s not meant to be your lifestyle and what you dedicate your life to do.

Sometimes when I see my clients, especially people who became psychotherapists or healers, I notice this form of overgiving to try to achieve that vision or ideal of what they think is best for them.

Last week, Elyse talked all about how many people don’t actually know what they want.

They see that others are successful and happy, and because of this, they think if they did the same thing, it will lead them to happiness too.

I personally think that you don’t need to figure out those answers alone.

If you find the right coach or the person who is genuinely invested in your path and what is true for you, then she would be sincere and dedicated enough to help you to ask the right questions so you can figure out what you want, your authentic desires, who do you wish to embody in this world, what career is right for you and what fits.

Sure, there could be aspirations inspired by other people around you, but that doesn’t mean it’s your path.

I think it’s extremely irresponsible for a coach or someone to just say YES to whatever you ask for because there should be a stage in which you test or reconfirm that this is the right thing for you.

As Elysee said, you can hire a coach but if it’s not the right thing for you and it’s something you’re going to burnout years from now because it’s not sustainable for you, then it’s a waste of time and money.

It’s not only authentic, but it’s out of integrity to receive someone’s money and to be paid for that when you know deep down it’s not going to benefit the client.

If you wish to get clarity, you can try it out on your own and ask yourself these questions:

What is it that I really want?

Do I want it because I’ve seen someone do it and it seems to give him happiness, and I’m hoping and wishfully thinking that I would get the same feelings from it?

Is there something more behind my authentic desires and my visions?

When you approach someone for help, and when you’re looking for guidance to take that next step and start a new chapter of your life to live with greater purpose, make sure she is invested in your highest self.

There can always be more clarity and reconfirmation that can be achieved, and make sure you choose someone who can give you time.

For example, I spend multiple free sessions and months to qualify a client if I’m going to propose or work with them one-on-one because that’s a big commitment.

If I’m going to work long-term with someone, we better be facing the same direction and set our goals in a way that connects to a deeper part of ourselves.

Of course we can always change the goal and direction throughout the program, but I think that is responsible for the person who is helping you to get in touch with your authenticity and your authentic desires.

As I mentioned, sometimes we can become successful in what we set our minds to as we achieve our goal, but it could ultimately become a trap in which we are forced to repeat a lifestyle that doesn’t feel right for us.

If you need any help discovering what your next steps are and what you need━whether a career change or a new way of living━please reach out to me or someone who’s genuinely invested in your long-term growth, happiness and success.

With patience, clarity and connection to your authentic self, move from that place as you set your goals and grow.

If you are interested in having the clarity to find out who you truly are, who you want to be, and your authentic self and living that out into the world, then please click here for my invitation to you for free calls which you can receive these answers, and be held in a loving presence and productive sacred environment.

These answers can come up for you and we can discover a life that is so beautiful, filled with ease and flow, because it’s right for you.

I don’t wish any of you to climb a ladder, and put so much time and effort into a dream that’s actually someone else’s.

Thanks for listening this week! That was my very own learning from Elyse’s interview and conversation.

I think it’s extremely powerful because most of the time, it’s not exactly what we do that matters but how we do it.

If we have the right intentions and true connection to our authentic selves, then we’re going to avoid a lot of winding roads.

We are going to set goals, and discover dreams that are true to us and not someone else’s.

Thanks for joining me this week! I’ll talk to you next week. ‘Til then!

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