[S5EP11] How To Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

Want to empower more women?

How can you take a negative situation or circumstance and turn it into an opportunity for growth?

This episode shows you the two options we have when we are at a crossroad in life and how we can choose the more rewarding path so that we get more meaningful and fulfillment by taking action.

If you’re struggling to take action and want to be the change that you wish to see in this world, then listen to this episode to find out how.

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Today I would love to reflect upon the interview that we had with Stephanie Johnston last week. This beautiful mother with a newborn and another child, and a new project which she started a year ago also in its infancy.

It’s really amazing to feel her energy and how peaceful, soft and gentle she is even though she’s got a lot on her plate. What can we learn from her story?

What really touched me about her journey is her spark or the fire that ignited her project and what she does today came from a negative event━something politically which happened within the US. It was from noticing how she was in an environment which didn’t feel good to her, and Stephanie also identified that there was something she could do about it.

When we find ourselves in a circumstance or a situation that we don’t like to be in, many of us would complain about it and do nothing.

Here Stephanie was, noticing how people were feeling lonely, disconnected and separate from one another. She was noticing how women could come together, let the feminine spirit be celebrated, form this support and creative space where growth and healing can happen, and help one another through this time of change.

I was really touched when Stephanie told me that spark. When we find ourselves in negative or less than optimal situations, we are given the choice, even if in the moment, we might not always see it that way.

Stephanie did, and here she is now today, giving and contributing so much to her local community and especially to the women who are in her area.

I wanted to highlight this point, because we can see something as taking away from our life, or we can let that circumstance, situation or problem be the drive and turn one issue, concern or fault within society into an opportunity for us to not only grow as a person, but to develop it into a career which will eventually provide for us and most importantly be a complete gift to those around us.

Many episodes ago, I also talked about how the Feminine Space came about in this way and how I was in a situation where my dad suddenly passed away. That’s where I got the hunch to find a book which led me to my own self-healing and so forth, and then finally the Feminine Space.

The road can be winding, and sometimes it might feel like it’s never the right time to act and start a project.

The thing is when we align with who we truly are, we’re really committing and doing a mission that is bigger than ourselves.

I always feel so blessed to hear these real-life stories of women who have found their purpose and their way, navigating through life, family and everything that’s calling their attention.

This brings me to the second point and something I would love to highlight within Stephanie’s story which is as this mom of two children, a newborn, with a new project and balancing everything.

Sometimes we feel like we can’t do it all.

Imagine we have this container. What if we put in first the big boulders, the things that mean the most to us? It could be family, your soul mission, giving, spending time in nature━whatever gives you life and fills you up, let that be the thing you put into the jar; those which are the cornerstones of your life, and things which give you so much energy, joy, purpose and connection.

Fill that container with things which matter to you first, and then you can have all the other things━the small ones which add up in life.

A lot of times, especially as women, we say YES to so many things and we don’t realize all these little pebbles and sand add up.

In the end when we want to fit what we treasure and cherish so much into that jar or limited space, it won’t anymore; more of our limited resources have been given away because we haven’t been intentionally putting into our schedule or our life those priorities. 

It’s amazing to see such a beautiful woman to create a new project inspired by a situation that could be interpreted as something negative. From there, also to balance life as a woman, a mother, and a new business owner.

I imagine it’s only possible because we put that as a priority of our life and we placed those boulders within the jar. If we do not take a stand for what it is that we want, our time, energy and efforts will be asked and taken away.

In this world, there are a lot of people with their own intentions and visions, and they have ideas of what they want. If you are not clear on what you want, you can be sure of it that it either goes to this gray zone where you’re not even sure where it went, or there’s also a really high chance your time will be spent on other people’s missions or dreams.

That’s more reason for us to be really still, sit with ourselves and feel into what it is that we want, because only from there can we feel so empowered to fill our day, schedule and life with those things we want.

The third thing I would love to highlight in the interview from last week is: just because we feel anxious or have doubt, that doesn’t mean we can’t start a new project, be successful or do something.

Stephanie said that she’s done a lot of inner work and healing━she’s a psychotherapist herself━but it doesn’t mean there’s no anxiety, fear or worries within the process as we are being stretched to be something greater and expand into who we truly are.

In this beautiful example, Stephanie showed us that vulnerability and honesty of how: we don’t have to know everything and we don’t need to have it all figured out in order for things to go well, smoothly or the way we want it to; it’s all a learning process.

It doesn’t mean we have to feel confident every single step of the way, because that feeling, doubt or anxiety says nothing about the ultimate outcome.

As long as we’re able to differentiate between what is a thought, just something passing by through our head, and what’s a feeling, being held and getting processed within the body, if we are able to identify that these are things that we’re experiencing and as quickly as they come, they can also go.

We have the ability to relax into whatever discomfort that may come when we are being invited to do something great and start something new.

All of these happen to the best of us, and we can still feel anxious but it’s okay. That’s the beautiful learning at least I have taken away from the interview last week with Stephanie Johnston.

What did you learn? Wherever you’re listening from━iTunes, iHeartRadio, or any of the channels━make sure to hit reply or comment, and tell me what really touched you from maybe this episode or the last one, the interview with Stephanie.

What do you feel are those 3-5 things in your life that you want to make sure it’s there━it’s in your timesheet or schedule, something you value so much you don’t want to lose it, and you don’t want to look back years from now and wish you had more time with someone or regret not travelling?

Make sure you sit with yourself and feel: What are those things, that are really important to me which I know I don’t want to miss out on, priorities in my life?

The moment we choose that, we can then fill our schedule or day and act in a way where it matters because we do. Thank you so much for listening! For those of you who are ready to join us to find your own life purpose, discover it and live that out in a beautiful, supportive community, also head over here and apply for the new chapter sisterhood where we support one another and you can get free coaching to make it happen. See you next week! Have a wonderful time, and keep this beautiful feeling in your heart. ‘Til then!

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