[S5EP3] How to Make Lasting Changes In Your Life (That Stick!)

Want to empower more women?

Have you ever wondered where change comes from?

Why are some changes are natural and effortless, while other changes just don’t seem to stick?

I know the frustration of putting in all that time and effort, but not seeing the results.

So what is the key that makes change stick and last for the long run?

It shouldn’t be that hard right?

Listen to the episode to find out the secret is in an experience or insight.

This Episode’s Takeaway- 14th Days of Truth

Click here to see the #14daysoftruth posts about softening and surrendering that come from an experiential level, because no matter how many times we heard something and may agree with it mentally, it still doesn’t make a difference until we FEEL and EXPERIENCE it.

Go into the FB Sisterhood and search #14daysoftruth to catch up on these truth nuggets

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