[S5EP2] Don’t Let Your Doubts Or Fears Stop You With Claudine Birbaum

Want to empower more women?

Have you ever wanted to write a book?

Do you have a vision of the change that you wish to create?

What’s stopping you? Doubts and fears?

Our special guest Claudine Birbaum will share with you in this episode, why insecurities and fears didn’t stop her in realizing her dream of becoming a spiritual novelist.

How can we take action even if we feel overwhelmed?

How can we feel supported even if we’re venturing into the unknown?

Listen to this very honest and courage episode to find out.

This Episode’s Takeaway- 3-Day Journey To Face Your Fears

Click here to join this courageous 3-day challenge

Special Guest: Find out more about Claudine Birbaum

5:55 – Ruf der Seele: Novel available for purchase in German

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