[S6EP5] How To Start Your Spiritual Business

Want to empower more women?

If you’re looking to move away from a corporate ladder-climbing, ego-based career to something that feels more purposeful and right, where should you start?

What are the key elements that you must have when starting a heart-based work?

Find out why many spiritual businesses aren’t authentic and how you can find your true voice and not be a copy of what others have done before you.

Listen to this interview to hear how Elyse-Anne has not only created her own dream business, but help others to do soul-aligned work that is both rewarding and profitable.

This Episode’s Takeaway- Softening Into The Feminine Journey

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NK: Hello everybody! Today we have Elyse-Anne from Singapore. She is a trusted spiritual business coach helping spiritual entrepreneurs start the right business that’s closer to God, get your creative work out into the world and enjoy miraculous wealth. Thank you for coming on, Elyse-Anne! It’s such a pleasure, because what you do is needed in this world. I doubt that we were spiritual business owners or coaches at the very beginning. It’s almost as if it’s a huge surge coming out in the world because I see empaths turning into healers, coaches or practitioners. It feels like people are really waking up to doing something for the world or for other people. How did you stumble upon this yourself? What did you experience that allowed you to do what you do today?

EA: To be honest, I didn’t think I had this intention of growing up to become a coach or a healer; I have this big dream because I live in Singapore. Since it’s a very small country, I used to think,  “Why am I in Singapore? What am I supposed to do here?” Along the way when you ask if there is more to life, that is when the universe starts to answer you. I started as a flight attendant━as a stewardess for about ten years━and I also retired from that job. It got to a point where there was backstabbing, and all I did when I woke up was complain, talk about everybody else, put them down and climb up the corporate ladder. At some point, I got really tired and I asked myself: Is this what I’m going to do for the rest of my life? At that time I was very unconscious, but my mom was starting on this journey and she’s ‘talking to angels’. One day, I just thought that maybe I’m going to try to ‘talk to angels’ and see who’s the crazy one. I told her I want to enroll in this class and I did. I was expecting to see a physical angel floating down from the heavens, but no there wasn’t. What happened in the first session was to connect with yourself and a higher voice, try to channel and do automatic writing which all my classmates did but I couldn’t do them, and I thought there’s something wrong with me. That was when it piqued my interest because everyone else was doing it, so there must be something out there which I don’t understand. I went home, burned two candles and held onto two crystal balls to meditate and get to somewhere, and that’s the beginning of it. Eventually, I did meditate, went to this realm and started my spiritual journey ten years ago.

NK: I always feel that once you experience something, it’s almost as if you can’t go back anymore, and then suddenly you’re surprised by how quickly things are actually changing, progressing and unfolding.

EA: Everybody is on a spiritual journey. I think the term ‘spirituality’ can be very dividing as well, but at the end of the day we are all searching for meaning and we’re trying to find out whether or not we are spiritual. On the journey, there are many levels of development━the ego follows you, and I realize not many people talk about this as a flipside or dark side of spirituality. Sometimes we dig a hole for ourselves; we’re digging deeper and we’re trying to find out what’s wrong with us, and I think that’s an addiction as well. Even though I am spiritual for such a long time, I think every single day is a journey; it’s not like every Sunday I go to church or do my meditation, and that’s good enough. Even though I have rituals, I have ego as well. I think this is where we have to learn that the ego and fear go hand in hand without development, and every day we have a choice. Most people think that even spiritual people have no choice, but we do. These last couple of years were very tough for me even as a spiritual person. Sometimes you wonder: Why am I going through such a difficult time as a spiritual person, and as a child and messenger of God? As you mature, you realize all the stuff that happens to you is a necessary step to climb higher to release all these baggage. Last year was one of the hardest for me, but I had to grow up. Spirituality is not just about drinking green juice and laaa and all is well. Spiritual people have gone to hell and come back. A lot of them are saying they don’t want to be tainted by the negative stuff to remain pure, but the reason why we become spiritual is for us to clear ourselves of the baggage, go to where we are needed and help these people to rise up so there’s no fear within us. A lot of us need to wake up and grow up. I’m fast approaching 40, and I think this is the year that I can finally say I am a woman because I’m growing up. Some spiritual people say they’re going to meditate things away and think positive, but that’s running away and like Elizabeth Gilbert said, “There’s a difference between being childish and childlike.” It’s about us growing up, evolving, and understanding, looking and accepting the dark sides of ourselves. There is nothing wrong with us━it’s just that there is a lot of stuff we need to go through to grow up. Looking back at that point, I felt this is terrible but on hindsight, this was the best thing that has ever happened because I no longer am afraid and now I can really say I trust in God. A lot of people say they trust and believe in God; but do you really? If you want to be in control, you’re in competition with God; you cannot serve the ego and expect rewards from God. Going through the course in Miracles has really changed a lot of my perspective. It says God has only one function for you which is to be the light of the world and that’s why you’re here. To be ‘the light of the world’ means we have to operate out of love.

NK: Not only to operate out of love, but when we see another in a dark place or when we find ourselves in a negative spiral━emotionally and mentally out of control, because thinking can go really wild and the virtual reality we live in━the fog can be so thick that suddenly the perception,  fear and worries can be so great, and they seem to be the only thing in the world. I resonate so much with everything that you said. I think this is the true value you bring to people so that they become resilient not only in their personal lives, but also in their businesses too. I want to bring it back to what you do. When I started my business, first there was a spark of knowing there is more. My husband was a life coach before I was; he took that leap and started the journey, and I followed in a way. There’s the second part where I thought: Is there so much in me that I can actually make this into my work? Can I give or spread this further? In that second step, I found I was pulled out of my comfort zone and was pushed beyond what I know. Just stand out there in the world and like you say, you have to grow up not just from life’s lessons. When you’re starting your own business, especially when you’re coming across as a personal brand and you’re communicating out to the world, people can smell it if you’re just not authentic. So tell me a bit more about what your clients go through. How does that relate to everything you mentioned just now?

EA: I think this era right now is no longer about finding a good job, paying your bills and you die. A lot of people are asking themselves the question, “Why am I here?”, and they know they’re like misfits. There is an online thing right now where they tell people to quit their jobs, start a business and travel around the world, and that is so irresponsible. It’s really about knowing yourself and your interest, and starting the right business. Even within my own coaching business or whatever it is I am in, I’m always following the flow so I will always be in the right track. You don’t have to quit your job or start a business just to enjoy that freedom. First, you have to know yourself. Not everybody is supposed to be an entrepreneur, engineer, doctor, judge or something else. Imagine if everybody were to be entrepreneurs, then what? Not everybody is supposed to be sidekicks, that’s why there is variety and the soul is here to experience life. We are here in this era where we are breaking free from what the society has conditioned us to do. Most people don’t find the time to understand themselves and they don’t know who they are. Starting a business requires a lot of growing up, tenacity, grit and bravery, and not everybody wants to do that so you must know your capabilities as well. Many people I know have a lot of money but they’re not just entrepreneur material. They start a business, lose their money and it’s a waste because 120 thousand could be used to do so many other things. I think you really have to know who you are and your capabilities, and then expand from that. If you start a business just for the sake of starting and you have no passion, you’ll quit within six months because it’s too hard; your heart’s not there and you’re not waking up with fire. Times have changed as well where you can see the way businesses are changing━more eco-friendly, more responsible, social enterprises, and crafting here and there━and so the traditional business has to change its model as well. Why? It is because consciousness has raised. If we have higher consciousness now and we feel we’re more responsible, our business model has to change as well. It always begins with us. Essentially we all teach the same things: love and getting to know each other. What’s different is if you━as a coach, teacher or guru━walk with the journey authentically on your own, you have a lot of stories to tell then. All of our programs are quite similar because I actually went to check them out. It’s just a matter of who do you want to learn from. We’re essentially trying to help people to evolve and to get to know who they are, but it is our personality that attracts the kind of clients. Again it goes back to if you know who you are and if you don’t run away from your lessons, then you have a lot to teach and share, and there’s no need to copy. When you think you need to copy that is when you lose yourself.

NK: When I took drawing lessons when I was younger, the way would be just copying the drawing until you get good at it. When I emigrated to Canada, I was given the opportunity in art class to do whatever I wanted. Sometimes it’s good that we have the building blocks and then eventually form them the way we want to. You bring such a refreshing perspective. I honestly have to say that not everyone brings it like it is. A lot of people try to sugarcoat or sell what creating a business, the spiritual journey or the end goal is like. As much as we help people to arrive at a certain goal, you and I have a very deep understanding that a beautiful process can be great and it can bring you back into alignment with yourself, but at the end of the day all those wonderful feelings and fulfillment are about knowing you can feel good and satisfied every step of the way. A lot of people are selling dreams, but are those actually close to your heart or fitting to who you are?

EA: I’ve been in this business for such a long time and I still wonder why am I not a millionaire, because everybody said you can be one in three years. I’ve gone through days with and without money, and it was just a roller coaster. At some point, we blame God and ask Him why is He doing this to us. I really understood why I wasn’t given the money and power because at that point I was immature. Like I told you, I was a child. Why would you give a child a million dollars? You wouldn’t give a child power because he would just ruin himself. I really acknowledged my journey now. I’ve come to a realization that God could have given me millions, but I would have lost it or I wouldn’t even be bothered on this journey. I think I know myself well enough. You shouldn’t compare yourself with someone else’s journey, because that plan is not for you.

NK: That is so true every step of the way. The moment you make a change, are you changing for others? The moment you create something, are you creating that for others? I would love to give you the space so that the audience can get to know, follow and keep learning from you, because it’s really valuable and I think it would make a really big difference in their lives.

EA: Right now you could go to elyse-anne.com, and that’s where I blog. You can join my Facebook group, The Spiritual Entrepreneurs with Elyse-Anne, which has 19,000 members and that’s how I met Natasha. If you’re looking to connect with like-minded people, that’s the place to be!

NK: Sounds like fun! Check out Elyse’s website and her Facebook group, and follow her blog and her content. Thank you Elyse for coming on! I really appreciate not only what you’ve experienced, but the honesty in which you share with others and how what you’re sharing is true. It sounds like you’re with them every step of the way, showing them a landscape and not trying to hide the scary part of the world. That it is a true reflection of life and how we can successfully deal with it.

EA: Just remember we are human beings━we’re not here to try the angelic experiences, and we are given anger and other emotions. Fully experience them because they are here for a reason and don’t be afraid.

NK: Yes, don’t be afraid! From that place of love and not from fear, you can get a lot done and it will be easier. Thanks Elyse for coming on! Everybody, we’ll be talking to you next week. Have a good one! Until then!


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