[S6EP2] Power of Being An Empath

Want to empower more women?

What if being too ‘sensitive’ and having a deeper sense of the world is actually a power that you can cultivate?

Did you know that being a highly sensitive person is a gift to the world?

How can we be connected to our intuitive wisdom and help others through our natural gifts?

Listen to this episode to find out more about how you can use your empathic nature to enhance your life or even make a living out from it.

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I’m so excited to reflect with you on the interview that I had with Jade Willow Song.

It was so touching not only because it started from her heart, extending this powerful healing she didn’t even think was possible and was a pure miracle; something that she could repeat again and again to heal and help others, and which she has now turned into her work.

It was amazing to see the overlap or the parallel between her story and mine because I also started my coaching work by stumbling upon energy healing.

At the very beginning, I honestly didn’t think I have this power to feel someone so deeply that I could tell what was going on and where things were blocked.

Together diving into that place, I can help another to unlock all the things which hold her back and allow her to be set free in this world to do what she wishes to.

I didn’t think that I have this power, and neither did Jade.

Sometimes the world has such a beautiful path laid before you and as an empath, it can feel like a lot.

As an empath, sometimes it can feel like we are just a sponge of everyone else.

If you’re a highly sensitive person, then you might start to experience at work, near family and friends that something which used to be comfortable and normal no longer fits you; this happens when we grow, transform and are called to do something more.

It doesn’t mean we are leaving people behind or we are severing relationships when we do that; it means we have to move on and allow the world to pull us towards what really lights us up.

Sometimes when we make big decisions for ourselves that no else sees coming, we begin to think about what others would feel if we chose this step and decide to go in a direction which we’ve never gone before; then we might end up thinking from everyone else’s perspective but ours.

As an empath, it’s already enough to feel the enormous emotions that we can barely hide from those around us, and we are clear on what everyone expects of us and wants us to be.

It is also our responsibility to take the step. As much as being an empath and a highly sensitive person, as much as it is a curse to feel everything, to be touched, emotional and moved by all these experiences, now is the time I let that be my gift and let it come into form.

Another beautiful lesson Jade taught me in the last conversation is that our career path, our identity and what we are here placed on Earth to do might not be something we know and is already out there; it might be something we have to create from within ourselves.

It’s more important than ever to listen to our gifts, and to what our body, soul and heart have been telling this whole time.

Looking around, trying to see what it is you’re supposed to be, the answer might not be out there.

There might not be one person who does what you can.

Sometimes we forget that; we look around for the roadmap, the blueprint or what it is that we’re supposed to follow.

What if you’re not a follower? What if you’re the creator? What if it’s all for you to play and come up with?

I know sometimes it can be a bit scary when you’re walking your very own path━that means no one has done it before you.

In this Interview Series, I honestly want to show you that even though our journeys are uniquely different, there is a pattern here: courageous decisions need to be made, boundaries need to be set, we need to say YES or NO to certain things, take action to realize them and to not let a vision or a feeling just sit in our heads, but materialize it.

As much as finding what your purpose and sole path is, sometimes it can feel like a total mystery━and it is━because it is appearing before us more and more each day.

I want to encourage you to feel into what you honestly think your weaknesses are.

What people around you may have picked you on for or whatever your downfall is, you can turn it around━it could be a complete gift.

A good friend of mine once said to me that as an empath, there are two options: you can be a garbage can, or you can be someone who transmutes the energy and transforms it into something more beautiful.

I really believe with everything that comes, we can make something out of it.

As empaths, if you are observant and absorbant of the energies and feelings around you, then this is something you can turn into a beautiful healing practice and something extremely powerful.

In certain situations or workplaces, it might not be seen as something valuable. If that is the case, what are you going to do about it?

It’s one thing to admit to yourself that you’ve outgrown the place you’re in right now. It’s another thing to recognize that and to look for solutions so you can blossom in an environment or place which can really receive your gifts.

As Jade showed in the last interview, sometimes it is for us to carve out that path.

It might not come from another person; this journey is actually for you to discover.

The only place that the answers will ever really come from is you.

Take everything that the world has been trying to show you. Take every feeling, nudge and pull towards a new direction seriously.

Let it be your inspiration and fire so you can light the way forward.

Sometimes to make a great change and to start a new chapter of our lives, all we need is a feeling.

The mind can make it extremely complicated; we sometimes feel like we need to have all the answers and all the right ones right here, right now.

Trust me━you have what you need right now to do what it is that you want to.

Even if it seems like a scary change and is uncomfortable, you really do have everything you need to go for it.

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews for summits where women are looking for love and to be cherished by a powerful man who can not only hold a space for her, but handle her feminine energy.

During one of these interviews, it came across to me that sometimes we ask our friends and those people around us what to do in a certain situation, feeling like they know ourselves better than we do.

When we are at a crossroad, does it make sense to listen to everyone else’s thoughts, way of life and perspective in order to make a judgment and decision for us?

To me, that is unsustainable. We can’t go running out asking for help and what we should do.

No one has the answer but you.

In this world, it’s common to learn a certain technique and procedure and repeat it because we’ve been taught that this works and this is right.

When it comes to life and big decisions, following our truth and finding our soul and life purpose, it isn’t handed down in a manual.

We are rewriting our story every second.

Ask yourself: Do I really want those people around me, as much as they care about me, to determine what my life should be and what my purpose is? Do they even know or see what I’m capable of?

Feel into that and see ourselves for who we are is us.

I extend this invitation to you to begin listening deeply to yourself.

As an empath, we absorb a lot from those around us.

This time, can we return that awareness, attention and mindfulness back towards ourselves?

Finding our life purpose isn’t a huge mystery━you can figure it out, but there needs to be a level of honesty and awareness that we begin to accept our greatness, open doors which we’ve never opened before and say YES to ourselves in a way we have never before.

That is the beginning of every beautiful life transition, and the answers are always there within you.

If you find that you have trouble going through all the layers━whether it’s the emotions, the past or your thinking━and clarity doesn’t show up.

You’re beginning to feel more pressure at the workplace or within yourself, to figure it out, and to live in a way that’s more aligned with you, find who you are, what you’re capable of and what you can give to this world, then come join us in the new chapter sisterhood.

If you’re ready to take the step and to begin to YES to yourself, find that clarity.

You don’t ever have to do it on your own, and there’s a tribe of sisters who are also beginning their new life chapter.

If you’re an empath and you know you’re ready to be surrounded by people who support you, who can take your life and how you feel to the next level, then head over here.

Thank you for joining me this week, and I’ll talk to you next week!

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