[EP41] How Intuition Created My Dream Work

Want to empower more women?


In the last few weeks, I’ve taken the biggest break from work because I wanted to connect back to my why.

Which made me realize that it has been the longest time since I have shared with you why this podcast exists.

What was that one experience which sparked the Feminine Space into reality?

How did healing my disconnection to my femininity and my body inspire me to hold the space for women all over the world?

This episode will connect you to the moments of connecting with other sisters, of hope of the feminine spirit and the journey that we are on together.

This Episode’s Takeaway- Free Soul Dive Clarity Call:

✨Want to have more clarity on your own dream work? Hop onto this opportunity to have a free chat with me to get a clearer sense, confidence and intuitively guided direction for the next steps that will fill you and your life with purpose.

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Women's Tribe Leader, Healer and Podcaster at Feminine Space
Natasha Koo is the founder of the most celebratory and empowering sisterhood online. She has helped women from all over the world to let go of guilt and shame and to live balanced and self-love filled lives. Read or listen to Natasha's inspiring story, "From People-Pleasing, Conflict-Avoiding to Woman’s Tribe Leader." Feel free to send Natasha a message here.