[EP1] From People-Pleasing, Conflict-Avoiding to Woman’s Tribe Leader

Want to empower more women?

Sometimes it is hard for me to believe, how far I’ve come.

If I was to see my younger self from five years ago, we would be so different.

I can’t even begin to imagine…

Yet I am so grateful for these differences, because only then can I have a point of reference.

It was by surviving my low-confidence, living by pleasing others and struggling to constantly meet outside expectations that I now realize what’s important to me.

Now I see the choices I have, which weren’t visible before.

Do you want to know how I started to trust myself?

How I went from a self-conscious girl to the Women’s Tribe Leader of Feminine Space?

Hit play to find out!

Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • What natural power do you have?
  • As a child, I took on the beliefs of the adults around me; I was an imitation of the people around me
  • We are not here to follow a formula
  • I began to believe in myself and the universe and what it has planned out for me
  • Our true gift is who we are
  • At Feminine Space, you can be who you are without fear or judgement


Welcome to the first episode of the feminine space podcast.

I welcome you to the first episode and the first story. This time, my story to share with you is exactly why I started Feminine Space.

Feminine Space is your sisterhood tribe for celebration and self-realization this is a place where you can flow with self-love and ignite to your natural power.

So what kind of self-love are we talking about here?

What natural power am I talking about?

I will be starting a 10-episode series on the topic of confidence so I want to branch out and speak to you about all those parts of ourselves the layers of ourselves.

The different parts of our lives we may not have paid attention to or parts of us we may be disconnected from.

I want to give you the opportunity to explore and hear stories and take home practical exercises, where you can dive deeply into yourself and feel your natural power.

With this, absolutely flow with self-love effortlessly.

I want to tell you my story growing up I was born in Hong Kong and I was taught in Asian culture how to be a good girl.

From this I learned it is important to listen to others, it is important not to talk back to adults, it is not good to be rude and you rewarded that if you do what people tell you to do.

So as a child like any other child in this world, I took on the beliefs of the adults around me and began to become this little person that was really just an imitation of the people around me.

I remember always trying to manage the outside.

I learned very early on that the quicker I fix others their moods and emotions, the earlier I would feel safe.

This turned me into a little peacekeeper and in turn a young adult who was a conflict avoider.

I kept looking on the outside for people’s approval because that was when I felt good.

Often with the teachings of my parents, especially in this Chinese style of parenting, it is very normal to keep saying what was not well done, to criticize and to say what could be improved on.

There was barely any mention of what I did well, what was right or how things were just enough.

This didn’t make me feel like I was ever enough so I always tried to meet expectations and to do better.

I felt deep down I wasn’t enough. There was some kind of standard out there that I was meant to achieve and I rarely got there.

I had very low self-esteem and confidence.

To be honest I didn’t even know who I really was.

As I got older and worked multiple jobs and went to University, my heart started beating as in I felt what I was passionate about.

I felt the person in me who was living.

At the same time, I felt many blocks, limiting beliefs, many doubts and the critical voice, this false friend inside of me, who I often listen to into this truth.

I struggled emotionally.

There were moments where I did not feel good about myself and I did not know how to lift myself up this.

My search for recognition and approval was just not serving me.

I could feel that my life had to be something more and this fire, flame, this inner knowing that I have something more, that what I am living now can’t be true.

Fast forward a few years, I discovered a healing ability, my talent to feel energy and to heal others intuitively.

At the beginning, as you can imagine, I definitely doubted myself.

I questioned if I was even hallucinating.

Parts of me rejected this beautiful great gift.

Parts of me could not stand receiving, having goodness in this world.

It took time and it took the trust to believe in myself and to believe in what the universe had planned for me.

Today I have founded Feminine Space so women from all over the world can be who they truly are without shame and guilt.

There’s no reason to hide anymore because, through my own experiences, I have learned that we are not here to live in imitation of others.

We are not here to follow a formula: it would make never make us happy.

Our true gift is to be who we are. All we have to do is to live out this expression in action, in being what is already there.

That is what I mean by ‘ignite your natural power’.


I feel it in you. I feel it in every single person.

I have created Feminine Space so that when women hear of a woman’s group or community, they no longer feel this catty, aggressive, comparison or competition.

Instead, I am building a supportive, loving, raw space, where you can be who you are without fear of judgment.

I have started Feminine Space because my little self would’ve wanted so badly such a safe space for her to grow.

As a child, I had many moments of fear.

I had it many moments of insecurity, moments where I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing,

I definitely did not give myself the allowance, acceptance to be who I was.

So I extend an invitation to you.

I invite you to subscribe to this channel, this podcast.

Follow this journey with me. We will begin every Tuesday where we journey through parts of us, which needs a bit of love, support, reconnection or just pure celebration.

I want to ask you when was the last time you paid attention to yourself for 21 days in a row?

Yes, 3 weeks!

When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of attention?

If you’re thinking, no way, I don’t have time for that. How would I even pay attention to myself for 21 days?

Join me and other amazing ladies who are already on this journey.

I invite you to say yes to yourself.

I said yes to me and that open their doors to new opportunities, to love, to expressing who I am and to waking up every morning, knowing that I am enough.

Knowing that this day is the day where I can be who I am and that is exactly what I need to do and where I need to be.

So I invite you to join me on this 21-day self-love challenge.

I will walk with you hand-in-hand and give you exercises every day so you can feel the beauty, that you are.

Sign up for it and do it if you feel it is time now. It is time to start loving yourself and giving yourself the attention that you have always deserved.

If you feel like you’re not there yet, it is not for you right now, then don’t!

You are Perfect Just the Way You Are and whatever you need will come at the right time.

I am so blessed to speak to you to your heart and the parts of you who are listening.

Know that you deserve everything in this world.

Join the challenge here, share this podcast with the woman you love.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you and I wish you a beautiful week.

Don’t forget to flow with self-love and ignite your natural power!

The next episode is the first of the Confidence series: How to be Confident With Your Beauty and Appearance.


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Women's Tribe Leader, Healer and Podcaster at Feminine Space
Natasha Koo is the founder of the most celebratory and empowering sisterhood online. She has helped women from all over the world to let go of guilt and shame and to live balanced and self-love filled lives. Read or listen to Natasha's inspiring story, "From People-Pleasing, Conflict-Avoiding to Woman’s Tribe Leader." Feel free to send Natasha a message here.