[S6EP1] Being Your True Self Creates Miracles

Want to empower more women?

If you ever feel that there’s nothing you can do in this world, then think again.

Because Jade Willow Song long ago took a leap of faith in to heal her newborn daughter back to health.

How did Jade carve out her own career and bring her gift of being an empath to create further miracles in the world?

Find out how Jade learned to trust her healing abilities and took each step towards a life that’s aligned with her life purpose.

Listen to hear how you can also create a great impact on the world, the moment you align with you truly are.

This Episode’s Takeaway- Softening Into The Feminine Journey

Join the 5-day party as we connect with our femininity and begin to flow with life instead of resisting it.

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NK: Welcome to the very first episode of this Interview Series where we discover and explore our greater purpose. This series is going to be so beautiful, because I have a line up of ladies whom I have been blessed to meet from all over the world. Today, we are here with Jade Willow Song. She’s a mother of one grown daughter and two dogs, a wife, retired social worker and is currently working as an Intuitive Qi Therapist. Welcome Jade to this podcast, and it’s so lovely to have you!

JS: Thank you! It’s so exciting to be here.

NK: Tell me a little bit about how you’ve ended up being an Intuitive Qi Therapist. That seems like a growth or transformation from being a social worker. How did that exactly happened?

JS: It’s a long path to how we got here. I never wanted to be a social worker, to be honest. I wanted to be a writer, but my parents wouldn’t fund that; they wouldn’t send me to school for it. The only other thing I was good at was, people would bringing me their troubles and I would listening to their problems. That’s how I ended up being a social worker, and it was an amazing experience for 28 years. I worked in so many different fields. I worked with adults and children with special needs, and in long-term care with those with Alzheimer’s. I also worked as a therapist and in a hospice. Those two were my favorites: hospice and working with those with special needs. When people allow you on those journeys with them, it’s such an intimate view. People die the way they live, so there’s no pretending to be something they aren’t because they know that time is precious and they only have a few minutes. It does not mean everybody gets that hallmark movie ending, but they do really show you their real selves. I got so much education about living by walking with them as they were dying. I did that for ten years, and it’s really unheard of in the field; the burnout rate is about three or four years. I went in knowing I was walking with them until they died rather than thinking there was going to be a different outcome, and then also allowing that knowledge and wisdom they pass on to me to enhance my own mind. Along about the time I started in social work, I also met a woman who introduced me into the metaphysical world and energy healing so I could help people in hospice who were out of pain control to manage their pain. I was doing that and everything was fine. Then my daughter was born and she had a myriad of medical issues. We lost the baby before her, then we had trouble with her pregnancy. She was born seven weeks early and after that, she developed a mass in her abdomen. We lived in Chicago, and I took her to Chicago Children’s Memorial where they said they had to do surgery. They just wanted to see━because she was so little, she was only three months━how fast it was growing before they decided if they could maybe give her a little time. I took her home, but what they wanted me to do was go home, wait a month, and bring her back and they would take another ultrasound to see how fast itthey had grown. The thought of this perfect child being cut open made me sick, and I just couldn’t imagine it. I thought if this energy work can help dying people with pain, what else can it do? Every minute I had with her, whether I was changing her diaper, giving her a bath or just holding her, I was doing energy work, allowing the body to do what it needed to do and supporting it with the energy through me from the universe. When I took her back 30 days later, the mass was gone and the doctors could not explain it; they said they don’t go away on their own, they only just get bigger or they entangle the intestines and kill the child. They couldn’t explain it. They knew it was there. That was sort of life’s way of getting me on my path. Side by side then as I worked in the social work field, I was working in the metaphysical field, and I was educating myself on crystal healing and all sorts of energy healing. I was developing my intuition, and then I was also working on my ego━the personal development━and trying to be the best mother I could be for my daughter. I came up with the name Intuitive Qi Therapist not that long ago, because I kept trying on all of these terms that didn’t fit. I wasn’t a life coach. I didn’t really like being a spiritual advisor. I didn’t like being an energy healer. None of them seemed to fit, and I thought what is it that I do well. I intuitively manipulate Qi for a therapeutic value, so that’s how it came to that word.

NK: That’s amazing! Sometimes we feel that we need to fit into a certain box. 

Sometimes our experiences lead us to such a beautiful place which our mind needs to catch up to━at least that was my experience because I also stumbled upon energy healing, and it was the beginning of my path to work with women and all. I thought my mind really needed to catch up to what was happening and try to then begin to label and classify it in a good way so I can communicate to others what it is that I’m doing. I love how you’re carving your own path out. Needing to find that name or title for yourself, you have every right to and it’s your very own so it’s so beautiful. It’s really amazing to hear how from your intuition and what you could soak up at that time, you were able to channel so much healing and create such a big change not only in your life━because you have a healthy daughter and that’s beautiful━but to impact another person. Did you ever think that was possible? Was that scary for you? Was that a surprise? How was it for you in that experience?

JS: ‘Surprise’ is a great word. No, under any stretch of the imagination didthat I think it was really possible. I have always been an empath, but I didn’t know it until about five years ago. What I knew was exploring through and going through life, those things that I shouldn’t know and they freaked people out. I understood things that people didn’t want me to understand, and it freaked people out. I was labeled too sensitive, and I took responsibility for everything. It must be my fault if I’m too sensitive. Coming to the understanding that I was empathic was scary and surprising all at the same time. When I was first working in hospice and helping people relieve their pain, I still didn’t believe it. It wasn’t until I had a gentleman on my table who had been in a forklift accident ten years before. His foot at the ankle got caught between the forklift and the concrete wall, and it all but severed it. He had really taken such a positive outlook and he embraced his limp. It’s sort of his gangster walk; he made a joke and it became part of his character. He was really just curious about what I do, and I thought it’s really easier to show him. I had him on the table, and I did the work on his abdomen and ankle. We talked afterwards while he’s still on the table. He said he felt my hands, and I said I didn’t touched him though; that’s how powerful this energy is. I always tell people to get up from the table real slowly and take the time. He gets up and starts walking. Then all of a sudden, he realized his limp was completely gone. It’s because he had stored this old trauma in there and we freed it, and now he no longer needed it. It was when I first really got it, that what I do impacts other people and changes lives. It can be the smallest and the grandest things. He could have easily limped again and could have felt like his identity was wrapped up in that; his body could have remembered the energy and put it back. He would have had his limp back, but that was more than four or five years ago now, and he still walks without a limp. Something aAmazing what energy and the body can do.

NK: We feel emotionally, that we can overcome a certain trauma or something possible for me, but we sometimes forget or don’t realize that the physical and energy are the same. If we can heal ourselves emotionally, why can’t we physically? Isn’t it all just the same?

JS: Right. Absolutely.

NK: It seems like the universe gave you little nudges or big, neon signs to show the way. Did you begin to trust more in yourself and in what could be possible for you as a career or a lifestyle?

JS: I never thought of it as a career until three years ago, and that’s when I made this huge leap. I was divorced from my daughter’s father; he ended up being narcissistic. Although we were of the same vibration when we met and married, we moved in completely different vibrational directions. It took me 23 years to give it up, because I’m really one of those people that every problem has a solution and you can work anything out. I just didn’t realize that he was lying. As empathic as you were, when you’re immersed in it, it’s very hard to distinguish the mud from the water. It took me a while to draw that final line and walk away. Then I met another man━probably about three years later━and I had no intentions of having another relationship, but it was meant to be. I welcomed him into my life, and six months later, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Every person I know has fibromyalgia is empathic, but is not managed which means they’ve been storing all the negativity from everybody else and not healing themselves. Even though I was doing metaphysical work, healing all these people and doing cleansing, I did not understand that basically as an empath, you have to do cleansing just like walking to the grocery store; you’re just gonna absorb everything like the whole world filters through you. I worked in a toxic environment and I had this career that I think was killing my soul. All of these things together created this in my body, and it was really hard for me to work an eight-hour day and then have any kind life. Over the course of some 10 years, I had been writing notes and I was compiling them into a book. About this time the book was done, and I was looking for a publisher. The more I was talking to the publisher about this book and what I really liked to do which is work with people on healing their lives━whether that’s physical or emotional━the more dissatisfied I became with work. I thought my significant other lived across two states away and we’re not young people anymore, so we don’t have all these tomorrows. We started asking ourselves: What are we doing? What are we waiting for? We tried for him to move where I was so I could keep my job. The universe is always in control and supporting you. Nine months of looking for a job and going on interview after interview, he got one job offer and it was a half hour outside of where he lives, not where he was looking. He took that job, and we thought we’ll be apart for a couple of years, then maybe they’ll move and relocate him. Six months into it, that’s when the book was coming to be. I said, “What are we doing? We have no guarantee that in five years either one of us is going to be on the planet. We don’t know that two years they’ll move you.” So I’ve decided to quit my job and move with my daughter across two states. It’s when it struck me that I just can’t go back to the old kind of thinking where it’s just I need to have a job, and do something in order to make money and support myself. Thankfully his business is supporting us right now as I get my health in order━I’m still recovering from the fibromyalgia. I can say I take absolutely no pharmaceuticals. I suffer very little discomfort and symptoms every once in a while. That’s how I took the leap to step fully into being a medicine woman.

NK: One thing is to be nudged by the universe; a little bit another is to actually take that and step yourself. What a beautiful story. That’s courage and strength right there; to trust, take the leap of faith and  keep going even if you get a big bump on the road. What I learned from you right now is also that, just because you step into a new lane and then something happens where it makes you slow down, it doesn’t mean that it was a bad choice. When you say you’re being kind, patient, loving and caring to yourself, you can regain that energy and then spread it out or give it back into the world again. I think sometimes as women, we push ourselves so much and we take it personally when something happens or we come down with something. Thank you so much for sharing the kindness that you extend to yourself. Over time, it’s going to  pour out and forth towards others in this world.

JS: That’s the biggest lesson I have had to dance with. Sometimes I sit with things, sometimes I dance with them. This one I’ve danced with, because it was really easy to start judging myself. If things didn’t go the way I want it to, I take this big leap and think the universe is going to reward me, but it just has not worked out that way. I wouldn’t have been ready if it had because there were so many shifts that needed to occur and they could only do so in the absence of all of the rhetoric of the nine-to-five world. There was my own trauma that I was holding in my body which I had to release like I had helped others. Every single moment has been exactly the way it needed to go even though it’s not at all the way I had hoped it.

NK: Thank you so much! It’s invaluable━everything that you’re sharing. Not just aThe power we have innately in each one of us plus the kindness we extend to ourselves is not limited to just us receiving that, but it gives to others at the very end. and also bBeing very open to however your path unfolds,. I really see it’s taking you to a really beautiful place and that patience I value very much, and I see and feel it within you. I know that for many of the listeners, sometimes we are afraid to take that step, because we don’t know how long it would take, if it would work or not. In the end, it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as we do give it a try. Thank you for being a living example and a sister who’s actually letting it be your life so that you can show us the very same lessons.

JS: Thank you! Whether if it takes five years from where you take your first step, that time is going to pass regardless of whether you take it or not, so you might as well take it.

NK: Good point! It’s funny how you see the world sometimes━it’s like black and white. Hearing another perspective is sometimes just what we need to understand things clearly again. I understand that you have a blog and also a Facebook group. Why don’t you let the audience know how they can find you or more of your work, and how they can get in touch with you after this episode launches.

JS: The easiest way is on Facebook. I have a page named Jade Willow Song, and I also have Willow Song Medicine Woman. The group is called Willow Song Fire Keepers, because I think it’s important, this idea of the sacred fire being tended and we’ve let it go out or at least dim really low, and we as women especially but not exclusively. I think I really find a deficit in this whole just women’s only thing, because we need to partner with men; we we need their Yang as well as they need our Yin. The blog where you can find out more about me is willowsongmedicine.wordpress.com.

NK: Awesome! If you didn’t catch all the links, you can find all the information here. I really do encourage that you reach out and follow Jade, and see how her journey keeps unfolding. Every women we interview is just a snapshot of where have we been, as much as we can recall. There’s so much more to it than at this point in time, but it’s going to keep unfolding. None of us really knows how powerful this network becomes and how each of our stories will ultimately impact the world. Go ahead and follow one another. Thank you Jade for coming on to our show! It’s been such a blessing. I wish all the best going forward with all the impact you’re going to have in the world, and also of course on your family too.

JS: Thank you so much! Thank you for providing this space for us.

NK: Thanks everybody for listening, and I’ll talk to you next week! Thanks, Jade! Bye, everybody!

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