[S5EP6] How to Break Free From Our Struggles with Lisa Swanson

Want to empower more women?

Do you feel like you’ve been repeating the same patterns over and over again?

What if we can break free from our struggles and actually see what is happening?

Meet Lisa Swanson, the beautiful and witty Consultant, Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist.

Listen in to hear how Lisa was able to transform her fast-paced life and an endless list of things to do and fix to a clearer understanding of the world within.

Have you wondered how realizations of even the smallest moments in life can help you understand where your feelings and experiences are coming from

How did Lisa in a split second realize the source of her frustration?

Find out what touched Lisa so deeply that this one truth has lead her to transforming the lives of clients and her own.

This Episode’s Takeaway- Softening Into The Feminine Journey

Join the 5-day party as we connect with our femininity and begin to flow with life instead of resisting it.

✨Get in touch with Lisa Swanson via e-mail lisa (@ ) inmindflow.com or get to know more of her work and blog at www.insightcoachconsultancy.com

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