[S5EP4] How To Speak Up & Find Your Own Voice With Lorraine Pennetier

Want to empower more women?

Do you wish that you could stand up for yourself more?

Do you want to know how to express yourself freely and in a way that is true to who you are?

This episode will explore the key to authentic expression, whether spoken or in writing.

Featuring the heart-driven and intuitive copywriter Lorraine Pennetier, this episode was made for you if you’re on a journey to show up as boldly and authentically.

Tune in to find out why alignment with ourselves is essential if we want to show up and communicate confidently.

It’s time to stop hiding and show the world and yourself that you’re more than capable of speaking up for yourself in your own natural voice.

This Episode’s Takeaway- Free Guide to ‘Authentic Expression and Confidence’

Click here to Get the Free PDF Guide to ‘Authentic Expression and Confidence’

✨Find out more about Lorraine Pennetier, copywriter and content creator for heart-centred women, spiritual leaders and goddess warriors on a mission to impact millions of lives.

Join the Luxury Writing Retreat in Corfu, October 2017, hosted by Lorraine. This ladies-only retreat in a stunning villa set on the mountainside in Corfu, Greece, is a place where you can escape the noise and hustle of everyday life and focus 100% on listening to your inner wisdom, aligning with your core purpose and creating the book you’ve been dreaming of writing for years. You’ll come away refreshed, revitalised, nourished, reconnected and, most importantly, proud of what you have achieved and ready for the next stage in your writing journey and the brilliant success you deserve!

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