[EP35] How To Stay You When Facing Judgment & Criticism

Want to empower more women?

Have you ever found it hard to be you when you’re surrounded by others’ judgments, opinions or criticism?

I totally get it and I want to share my personal experience and how I was able to stay confidently true to myself.

Confident in who I am even though I was harshly criticized.

Because it IS possible to stand our ground even if other people don’t support or even try to bring us down.

Find out the simple tricks that turn a vulnerable, sour and defensive moment into one that is filled with openness, compassion and understanding.

Listen here to know how to stay true to yourself no matter the circumstances.

This Episode’s Takeaway- Join the FREEDOM FROM JUDGMENT Workshop

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Women's Tribe Leader, Healer and Podcaster at Feminine Space
Natasha Koo is the founder of the most celebratory and empowering sisterhood online. She has helped women from all over the world to let go of guilt and shame and to live balanced and self-love filled lives. Read or listen to Natasha's inspiring story, "From People-Pleasing, Conflict-Avoiding to Woman’s Tribe Leader." Feel free to send Natasha a message here.