[S5EP9] How to Break Free From Our Struggles

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How we turn any bad situation or mood into one that’s rewarding and transformational?

If you find yourself in a rut and don’t seem to see a way out of your problem or circumstances, then listen to this episode to find out what you can do each time to turn it all around.

Some of the greatest breakthroughs of the guests on the show have been during their darkest times and you have the very same ability to make whatever you are going through into something positive and life-changing.

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I really hope that you enjoyed the last interview with Laura. It’s a great reminder that no matter what life gives us, we can still make something extraordinary out of it.


Just because things aren’t going the way we want it to, it doesn’t mean that that’s the way it’s going to be for the rest of our lives.

As Laura A. Rowsey-Collins showed us within her path and the actions she took to turning a child who’s almost at his last day, fighting for his life and trying to find out a solution to save his life, to changing her career in a way that not only serves herself, but the community. To me, it’s extraordinary.

Without a strong emotional connection or motivation from the tragedy or sadness that she is going through, she may not have been inspired to make the change in her life.

Often times in my life, it also surprises me when I look back and think. For example, when I got the spark and idea for the Feminine Space, I was in Asia grieving the death of my father. It’s incredible how what’s happening externally, even if we label it bad, something we don’t want to have or we don’t wish to experience, they in no way influence the outcomes or the beauty that is going to come nor does it show the amount of inspiration, motivation or insights you’ll have.

What’s happening out there and what we deem to be good or bad in no way influences the power and capability within us.

No matter what you’re going through, I do encourage and ask you to pause for a moment: Can we appreciate the emotions that we are feeling? Can we stop fighting against it?

Allow ourselves to soften into what’s here, not just our emotions and this moment in itself, but really open up to life. Take away the rough edges, spikes and defense mechanisms that we have and embrace the world, universe, and what we have in this moment and then go forth again.

As Laura mentioned, sometimes we put in so much energy to negative thinking, worry or our fears, that we are completely consumed in trying to fix this current situation or so obsessed with how things should be that we forget the door which is open in front of us. Sometimes that door is not something we planned for or feel comfortable with. You might feel like you’re pushed out of your comfort zone or you’re asked to do something you’ve never done before.

Every single great thing or new phase of our life begins with this scary feeling and with us moving in a direction that we’ve never been before. At the same time, many stay exactly in the same place for years simply because we are unwilling to go beyond the sensation, that is uncomfortable and scary.

No matter what you’re going through right now, you can make something out of it. For something which seems to be the worst thing they can ever imagine, a loved one or a child who seems to not be able to get the help or services he needs to be healthy, function and go from that stage to another of life where you’re going upward, growing, finding solutions and answers and feeling at peace again, all it takes is one moment to admit to yourself that you’re not a victim of your circumstances or what the universe has given you at the time.

You are a creator.

Sometimes we forget that when we are deep in our emotions, and we are thinking and drowning in our sorrows, pain, fears or worries; it seems like that’s all we have.

How can we move away from here? Even if you are deep down in those emotions and sensations, you are still the creator of your life. Everything that is right there before you and beyond what you can’t even see yet, it’s all here for you to mold and create with. From there, within a split second, in another moment, you’re able to turn every single thing around, and begin to choose how you wish to live and how you want to deal with what’s right here before you.

A lot of the times we forget we have the choice, and we feel that just because we have this emotion, what we’re going through is all we have and there’s nothing else we can do, but this is not true.

When I speak and interview more women who have been through so much and have created healing practices who are counselors, nurses, coaches, lightworkers and just amazing people who are giving to this world in a way which no one else can, not all of them started with a happily inspired thought and a positive beginning, middle and ending. Many of these women have been through a lot.

Just because they have had big ups and downs in their lives, doesn’t mean they haven’t been able to make something out of that situation. Remember again that you are a creator of your life.

I’m a big fan of art galleries more than museums because when I go into a space that’s filled with masterpieces, art, sculptures and beautiful things people have put thought, effort and energy into, I just look around me and think all of these were created by a man or woman. How much good are we capable of? These were all created by mankind. I feel really good when I’m in an art gallery because it makes me feel like this is the beauty that humans have within ourselves to create and share with the world. No matter how many wars, famines or droughts are happening in this world, there’s still a lot of good we can create and when I’m in an art gallery, that’s how I feel.

I want you to open up your eyes, and look around you and everything that’s near you. Maybe you’re listening to this podcast on your phone or your desk, or you’re outside━just look around you and notice everything, other than nature, was created by mankind or people like you.

If there’s something that you can see within yourself━a vision, idea or feeling━it can come out into form and you can make it into your career; if you imagine a beautiful, positive, healthy relationship, you can have it. Whatever it is that you can feel, imagine and see in your mind’s eye, it has every single possibility to come forth, be in form and real, and to be here for you in this life.

We have to take action and full responsibility that as everything around me has been created by other human beings, I have the same responsibility to create what my heart is longing for, what my soul is seeking and what my dreams look like in my mind’s eye.

You have to take the responsibility, just as other people created the things which help you in your life every single day, you are the one to create how you feel and what you dream of inside out, and you are the sole creator of it.

Eventually you could have a team built around you or an organization━whatever it is that you want to have. But first, if you are inspired or moved to transition beyond where you are right now to something greater and more aligned with who you are.

To do something that feels right, even if things look glum and it seems you’re at the lowest point of your life, something can still come out of it.

Laura has shown that in the last episode, and I’m here also, an example myself, of how the Feminine Space really came about.

We have to be the creator of our life. 

There’s going to be discomfort, it’s going to be scary, and we’re going to do things we’ve never ever done before.

It can be tough, because sometimes we feel like we don’t know the way. All we need to know and do is to take the very next step.

For me, I don’t need to know the whole roadmap; I just need the very natural next step. By taking one step forward, I can finish this race and make it happen.

Sometimes it can be scary to feel like you don’t know the way, even the direction that your life is moving in or ultimately, how will things go.

‘Can I support myself with the completely new career change? Can I stand up for myself when everyone expects me to be a certain way?’ The answer is: YES, you can but you need to begin.

You don’t need to know all the answers straight away. This is also the reason why I’ve created a new chapter sisterhood, the membership where at every moment of your journey, you’re able to reach out to women who are in this same place or phase we’re looking behind us, we know.

That’s something I know of the past, but I’m willing to let it be the rest of my life just because it’s been given to me until now. I’m going to choose to be the creator and be supported by women who have gone through it, who know and who are in the same place that I am today, so we can a new chapter of our lives together.

You can always make it. Whatever it is that you dream of and the change you wish to see and feel everyday, you are the creator of it.

I do encourage you if you are at this place in life where you feel like you’re ready to start and live for yourself, do it in a way that doesn’t feel hard, and pushing and fighting against life and flow, go along with it.

Soften and build your career and life with ease, and truly find who you are, who it is you wish to be and can be.

If you’re ready, feel free to join us over at the new chapter sisterhood. It’s the lowest price point that you can ever ask for to get access to me and exclusive content. I can’t wait to support and hold a space for you; give spark coaching, guidance and all the material you need to begin what you’ve been looking for this whole time and we can find that clarity.

No matter where you’re at right now, I’ll meet you and we’ll find a way. You don’t need to stay exactly where you are. If you think it’s time to move on, then let’s do it.

If you wish to join the waiting list for next round of enrollment, click here. Thanks for joining me, everyone! You can look forward to another interview with another sister who has taken her life in her hands and taking control in the next episode. 

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