[S6EP4] See This Spiritual Blindspot To Make Your Journey Easier

Want to empower more women?

Do you ever wish that your self-development journey could be an easier process of natural growth and transformation?

How can we see the world in a way that brings us forward naturally?

Can we let life reveal the answers that we’ve been searching for?

Find out why detaching from our worldviews, letting go of our egos and opening ourselves to new perspectives can be the key to your personal journey.

Listen to this episode to see your spiritual blindspot and learn how you can become more aware and conscious of the learnings and answers you’ve been looking for now.

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Today, I would love to sit with you to reflect back on the conversation with Adeline Heng from last week. Something really strikes me about a theme that she kept repeating: sometimes we are looking for the answers but we don’t even know what questions we’re asking.

Sometimes we have the answer or what it is we’re looking for right in front of us, but that doesn’t mean we are able to see or take the information or experience which is with us in the moment and work with it because something is missing. She called it as something we’re not aware or conscious of it.

If we’re having this learning and answers in front of us, can we really notice them?

Can we make sure we’re there so that we don’t have to take more time, be inefficient or have the journey be more difficult than it needs to be?

What is Adeline Heng talking about when she said that the answers are in front of us but we might not see or be aware of it?

This translates into: we’re in the middle of an experience, there’s an input of information and we’re getting something but on some level, it’s not touching us in a way that it transforms how we see the world, ourselves and our actions.

For me, this relates back to the episode where I talked about listening deeply not just from the words spoken or what is happening before you, but a part of you that opens up so you can be touched.

Most of the time, we are going through the motions of every day and we almost hold this tension within our bodies or hearts, keeping them relatively closed because we’re trying to protect ourselves from something, to stick to what we know, to be safe, and to contain and limit the current experience so the input we get can be felt to some extent, and the words are filtered through how we see the world and what we understand it to be.

When Adeline said something’s right is in front of us━we’ve been looking for it but we don’t see it━for me, that means we’re seeing it on a surface level; we’re not opening ourselves up to receive it and see beyond what we know.

You know those moments when you’re in a lecture where you’re listening to a speech or a documentary, and they start to say certain facts or stories which you’re familiar with and you find yourself begin to tune out?

You become bored just because you think you know what they’re going to say. In some ways, we go through life with this type of listening and attitude in that we know what our worldview is, how our lives are going and who we are, and we don’t need anyone, any experience or new idea to come and change our perspective.

When Adeline said that the answer we’re looking for is right before us, it means we’re asking a question and deep inside we might have an idea of what the response could be.

If it’s something we know, then wouldn’t we have answered the question already? Wouldn’t that be already resolved?

The reason why we keep looking is because deep down we’re not content with the answers we have right now.

We’re looking for more━a new perspective, a feeling, and something that will touch and change us to a better and transformed version of ourselves and our understanding of the world.

If our answer is from a deep and beautiful place which is not in line with our current perspective or how we see the world right now, then it is something new.

In order to hear something new, we can’t tune out, close our hearts, and have the attitude of seemingly knowing how things are and not being open to find out and understand matters in a completely different way.

That is what opening ourselves and our hearts up to a new experience and feeling is about.

If it was the same, old thing or if the answers we’re looking for are somewhere within our consciousness of what we know already, then the question and search would be over.

What we’re looking for is something greater━we don’t know it yet and we need to be touched by it.

In this way, we need to open ourselves up to receive; we can’t settle or come into the world with this idea that we know we’re right.

The more I learn about myself, my work, how human nature works and where our suffering comes from, the more I realize that some ideas I’ve had in the past were completely wrong.

In order to suspend our ego or the idea which everything we have and understand until now is complete truth, it requires a level of vulnerability for us to accept that, most of the time, we have no clue and we have to take the signs from the outside to complete our inner work or process.

This is a really special theme because it’s not about listening, being in the right situation or learning a new skill; it’s about us, being able to put down our ego.

Can we begin to detach from the ideas that are within our minds, lifestyles and who we think we are?

The moment we begin to surrender to the fact that we are students forever, maybe other people have answers, there are words we can hear which could completely change who we are and how we operate, and what we’re looking for are different than what we understand or what we think it could be, then everything we experience in this world could be the thing we’ve been searching for.

This time we’ll be ready, because we’re not trying to grab on to our worldview strongly.

We’re ready to let go of what we know and who we think we are, to come back into alignment with our true selves, and what will guide our lives in a direction that feels better and healthier overall.

If you’ve been looking for an answer and it feels like it’s not coming, then I encourage you to feel this: When you receive the world and you find yourself hearing the same things you know or something new, do you try to defend your own worldview because what you’re experiencing is different from it?

If you find yourself hearing the same things you think you know, do you hit the snooze button, shut off and go into complacency, thinking that you should not give any more thought into it?

Begin to notice how you react when you’re experiencing something closely related to or extremely different than your worldview.

In both cases, can we open ourselves so we can be students, receive the messages, be touched and not just try to hold down this illusion of what we think we know?

Through this curiosity and innocence of knowing that until now, this is the most true and aligned version of ourselves, we should know there’s more and it could be completely different than what we know today.

If this is true, are we willing to let what we know go, and accept the feelings and changes that come?

The moment we say YES to all of these and let go of our ego, thinking and all the attachment to the thoughts and stories of how the world is and who we are, I promise you that it’ll be easier to receive the signs you’re looking for.

We’re not alone here; other people and the universe are always reflecting back at us━all that we need, what we are and what we need to be.

I hope you really enjoyed this episode and it helped you to have a little bit of perspective on what you can do when you’re stuck or you feel like you don’t have the answer.

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Let me know how this episode has touched you and also the interview from last week with Adeline.

Are you ready to listen and be touched by the world in your current experience? Naturally, that is where the change will come from. I encourage you to be brave and to be courageous, and from here, anything is possible.

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