[EP40] How To Be Your True Self

Want to empower more women?

Have you ever struggled with not knowing who you are?

And going through the motions but deep down feeling that this can’t be it?

There’s a special ‘me’ in here, yet I don’t know how to reach or express who she is?

Listen to this honest episode as I share what it means to be my true self.

You’ll be surprised to hear that it doesn’t have to do with more doing, trying or learning ‘new things’.

Want to know how to be your true self and be guided to be your authentic self naturally?

This episode will connect you to the great abundance, enoughness and worth that is already within you.

This Episode’s Takeaway- Free Soul Dive Clarity Call:

Find out what could be possible for you and your life,
How to move beyond your current relationship with yourself, and
Connect to your true authentic self & your unlimited potential

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Women's Tribe Leader, Healer and Podcaster at Feminine Space
Natasha Koo is the founder of the most celebratory and empowering sisterhood online. She has helped women from all over the world to let go of guilt and shame and to live balanced and self-love filled lives. Read or listen to Natasha's inspiring story, "From People-Pleasing, Conflict-Avoiding to Woman’s Tribe Leader." Feel free to send Natasha a message here.