Work With Me

I’m not looking for clients.


I never have.


I’m looking to connect with women, whose heart, joy and pain I feel.


Whose dreams and aspirations become mine.


Whose eyes I can look into and say: ‘Yes I know. Let’s do this together.’


Are you an intuitive empath who loves to give, connect and share with others?

Yet giving your all and doing everything right for everyone else, leaves you feeling out of balance and exhausted?

Wouldn’t you want more time for yourself and space to breath?

Heart-centered sister, I’m here for you.

I created the loving Sisterhood Circles and one on one Soul to Soul Coaching so you’ll finally be able to:

  • Release stress, fears, and the struggle with control,
  • Feel powerful, magnetic, strong and vibrant,
  • Make things easy rather than hard,
  • Be guided by your self-acceptance and trust,
  • Go to sleep at night without disappointment or worry.


I have done two coaching sessions with Natasha so far and the change I feel already is amazing! Her work has really helped me to feel more balanced, more myself, and relieved a lot of built up tension. I now feel like I can walk into many situations and feel reassured that my body and mind remain in balance and control. Natasha is also very warm and kind, and makes you feel comfortable and free to open up. – Danielle, New Zealand


Natasha KooLiving with our sensitivities and enormous care for others can be a real struggle when we’re feeling not enough and unappreciated and not connected to ourselves!

How do I know?

I’m Natasha, your Women’s Tribe Leader and ‘I Matter’ Coach because I was stuck and struggling in the same place until I transformed my own guilt, perfectionism, and fears through healing and sisterhood.

On the journey to find, accept and love myself:

  • I became a certified Transformational Yoga Instructor,
  • Realized and mastered my intuition and healing wisdom,
  • Served women internationally to heal the unmothered within,
  • And created a community of sisters who love, support and empower one another through our journeys together.

Since living confidently while expressing my true self, I’ve sparked a profound change in women all over the world.


In the most memorable session with Natasha, my body was freed from physical pain and I could also see the pain in my mind leaving my body. Both physical and spiritual, the coaching sessions helped me to be more present in the moment and I felt more connected to myself and happier. Having my heart more open through the coaching, I’m clearer on what I want and who I am, set new goals and work towards them and recognize things that serve me and those that don’t. – Magdalena, Poland


Sister, are you tired of waiting for amazing changes, transformation and growth to happen in your life?

to get clarity on which of the two coaching styles work best for you and your life now.


Soul to Soul Private Coaching

Click Here For More Information On Soul to Soul Private Coaching

In this time of uncertainty and change, don’t you deep down want grounded  guidance, love and support on your journey?

Thoroughly overcome your internal blocks, fears and worries through a powerful experience designed just for you?

Meet me on the other side of freedom, confidence, self-trust and full expression of yourself, femininity and wisdom.
Give yourself what you need in your one of a kind Soul to Soul Coaching:
  • Fully customized VIP coaching package that serves your whole emotional, spiritual and physical being.
  • Private coaching calls for your personalized schedule
  • Unlimited access to me via skype, Facebook, e-mail and Whatsapp
  • Practical takeaways and tools for lasting integration
  • Coaching call mp3 recordings & extra bonuses

Our Soul to Soul Coaching customized packages begin at two months plus because your and your dreams deserve no less!

‘I trusted Natasha fully, but I wasn’t sure how our session was working through Skype instead of face to face. It turned out that the coaching was very powerful. I had an instant shift in my attitude, really freed from an old trauma and an inherited mental pattern that no longer served me. This has started to have an effect on all areas of my life. I would definitely recommend Natasha as a coach to anyone who wants to live more fully, freely and from the heart! Your honest, genuine way of connecting with others and how you do everything with that amazing smile! Thank you so much, you have so much to share with the world! Thank You. -Ammeri, Finnland


Sisterhood Circle Coaching


Click Here For More Information On Sisterhood Circle Coaching

We all know that surrounding ourselves with the right people can make a huge difference to our lives.

That’s why our group coaching wraps you in a warm bundle of…

  • Safe space to tap into and experience the power of our feminine spirit,
  • Connections filled with love, compassion, acceptance, and wisdom,
  • Friendships with no competition or power-struggle,
  • Deep truthful AHA moments and realizations that resolve inner conflicts,
  • Practical takeaways to integrate lasting transformations from the inside out.


Thank you with all my heart: you and my new sisters for the group session we are sharing. After only two sessions my inner wisdom is refreshed and anticipatory to see the real me and feel safe to be seen makes my path clearer. I am learning to live fully again, to have a safe space to be fully heard and accepted as a woman. To learn from the wisdom of other amazing women and just to have the chance to be. I really encourage everyone to talk with you about next month’s sessions. I am already looking forward to the next one.  – Katelyn, Ireland


Enjoy your sisterhood of abundance, self-love and oneness:

  • Four 1.5 hour group calls in a tight-knit four-women sisterhood per month
  • 7 days a week chat support between the sisters and I via skype
  • Practical solo reflections, exercises and empowering takeaways throughout the week
  • Coaching callmp3 recordings
  • Cancel payment at any time

Space is limited to four maximum clients per Sisterhood Circle and you may only join the coaching at the beginning of the month.


To get your spot in the Sisterhood Circle Coaching or your private Soul to Soul Coaching program:

  1. After booking, you’ll get a confirmation e-mail for our skype date.
  2. I’m so proud of you for taking this act of self-love and I can’t wait to have our call to move your heart desires forward!





I have had the wonderful experience of working both privately as well as participating in one of the women’s circle evenings with Natasha and both exceeded my expectations. When arranging the private session, I was unsure what to expect. I was struck at Natasha’s intuition. She was able to clearly tune into the energy of my mind and body and assist me in releasing stuck energy. I haven’t participated in many women’s circles and also wasn’t sure what to expect, however through her energy and space holding, I really connected with the other women I had just met during the evening. Every woman should have this sort of magical gathering together in her daily life. Natasha’s guidance has been very helpful for me to overcome energy blocks in times when I just feel stuck and need support in my life.– Katherine, USA


I simply loved the container Natasha created for us in the Sisterhood Circle. It was such a safe space to share our story and our journey together. I find myself being more calm and positive. I am also allowing myself to take better care of myself, take down time, and not feel guilty when I indulge in self careI loved how you held space for me to slow down. I have started paying more attention to living for myself versus fulfilling others’ expectations of me. I think your services are sooo required in today’s world, especially for women who are busy, overwhelmed and frustrated with the way things are going in their life. Working with you will really help them to go deeper, and start living with more intention. I totally enjoyed our time together, and can’t wait to work with you soon!- Avni, India